50-Year Members

First Family,

Allow me to propose a question, should believers join their local church?

The New Testament writers never explicitly state that "you must become a member of a local church." However, every letter in the New Testament assumes that believers are an active part of a local church gathering.

Membership in a church involves being a part of a community where you feel a sense of belonging. This concept is demonstrated in several passages of the Bible. In 1 Corinthians 5, Paul discusses the expulsion of a person from the community of believers, indicating that there is a formal category of membership. Acts 6 describes an election held among the believers, which again implies an "in/out" category. In 1 Timothy 5:3-16, there is clear instruction on how to care for widows within the church, including the creation of a roster to aid in their care.

Based on my experience, I have noticed that a lot of people avoid joining the church because they view it as a means of consumption. I’m fine with consumer relationships for fast food, but applying that kind of thinking to important relationships like marriage or children can create major issues. The church is not a consumer relationship. The church is a family. And families are committed to each other.

This week we will celebrate individuals among our church family who have been members for 50+ years at FBCA. These individuals have been a significant part of the life of our church and have been key servants within the ministry of God amongst us. In a cultural time when commitment levels remain low, these individuals stand out as examples of how God intended for us to belong to a church.

We have 72 active 50-year members at FBCA. This year we will celebrate 5 new additions to this group: Ben Duffett III, Charles Seward, Amy Jo Redel, Kimberlee Karlinchak, and Martha Jo Meserole.

Let us be inspired by their example to serve the Lord through a local church and if you haven't joined, consider being part of the First Family.

Servant for His Glory,
Pastor Robert




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