SBC Messengers

First Family,

I hope you're able to enjoy the snowfall this week and have a change of pace. As it says in Job 37:6, 'He says to the snow, "Fall on the earth."' The snow outside your window this morning is a reminder of His sovereignty. It's a reminder that God continues to reign and command all things. Let's be thankful for the reminder of His presence this morning.

During our quarterly business meeting on Sunday, we discussed one of our goals for the year, which is to send a full slate of Messengers to the upcoming annual Southern Baptist Convention. We believe that it is crucial to represent FBCA in this matter of church autonomy. The convention will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana, from June 9-12. To be eligible, you must be a church member in good standing, and the church must vote for you. Therefore, we are inviting nominations from now until March 1st. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please email Jessica B. with a list of names ( After March 1st, our nominating committee will prayerfully discern who we should send to represent us this year.

I would like to challenge us all to pray for this matter as Nehemiah has done in chapters 1 and 2. Not simply praying once and done. Rather, committing to a season of prayer over the next several months. The Kingdom has a lot of work to be done and historically, the SBC has been a powerful force for the advancement of the Gospel. We hope and pray that the focus will continue to remain on this work and that they will not "bite and devour each other" as warned by Paul in Galatians 5:15. For us at First Baptist, it remains "all about the gospel" and we will do our part as a church to fulfill the Great Commission both locally in Alexandria and globally.

It's ALL about the GOSPEL!

Servant for His Glory,
Pastor Robert




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