Do You Know Who Your Deacon Is?

First Family,

Do you remember the public services announcement (PSA) that aired on television from the late 1960s to the 1980s? “Do you know where your children are?” is the question that was used. This question was typically used as a direct introduction for the late-evening newscast typically around 10 pm.

I want to make a PSA by asking you a question today, “Do you know who your DEACON is?”

At First Baptist, we have a ministry known as the Deacon Family Ministry. Through this ministry, every family that joins FBCA is assigned a Deacon. The role of your assigned deacon is to serve you and your family in tangible & prayerful ways. Should needs arise or support be needed in your family, your deacon is a first line of effort to provide you with assistance from our congregation.

Our deacon ministry has been organizing a "meet and greet event" in the commons area near our coffee service between our services throughout April. The purpose of this event is to introduce and establish a relationship between our deacons and the families they are assigned to. I hope you have taken advantage of this opportunity to spend a moment with your deacon. If not, let me encourage you to do so this Sunday, April 21st & April 28th.

If you are unaware of who your deacon is, we would love to assist in making the connection. Please email Jessica at and she will assist in an introduction and ensure that both parties have the necessary contact information.

Our church is blessed to have such a dedicated diaconate who is willing to serve our families in a personal way. We believe that their ministry has made our church stronger. We hope that you feel the support and care from our congregation through this ministry.

Servant for His glory,
Pastor Robert




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