Baptist Partners

First Family,
One of the key characteristics of the Baptist denomination is the understanding of local church autonomy. Biblically we understand that God designed the local church as an autonomous body with the Lord Jesus Christ as the head. As a result, there is no biblical precedent for an outside authoritative body over the church. The Baptist denomination does not have an ecclesiastical hierarchy to govern and determine the ministry and functions of the local congregation. However, there is an apparent biblical pattern of churches being aware of their part in the Kingdom of God and choosing to cooperate with others for Kingdom purposes.

One of our partners in the Gospel is the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV). This coming Sunday, we will continue to strengthen this partnership by welcoming the Executive Director, Dr. Wayne Faison to share a message with us from God’s Word. In addition, our very own Wayne Jenkins was recently elected to serve as a member of the Executive Committee. The BGAV continues to be a vital partner in ministry and allows us to expand our role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

I hope you will join us this week for a special time in worship and continued participation in the work of the Gospel with the BGAV.

Servant for His Glory,

Pastor Robert




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