Faithful Church Members

Thank God for Faithful Church Members
I received a list this week that spans six pages containing the names of individuals who have been members of First Baptist Church of Alexandria for over 50 years. It's inspiring to see that some of them have been a part of this community for over 80 years. These long-standing members serve as a great source of motivation and inspiration for all of us.

It's not uncommon for churches to go through periods of difficulty. Membership may fluctuate, and ministry styles and personalities can shift. However, with the help of dedicated individuals like these who keep pushing forward, the church can continue to move forward through the power of God.

The trend of "cancel culture" in America has now affected churches as well, leading to members frequently shifting from one church to another. The practice of churches exchanging members has become so common that it is often referred to as "church shopping" and is now considered a joke. Believers may find it necessary to leave a church for various reasons such as a change in location, deviation from doctrine, or moral and ethical disruptions. However, it is important to note that most reasons for leaving a church are based on personal preferences rather than on Christ and His mission.

As mature believers, our focus should not be on finding something better, but on becoming better church members and working towards improving our church for the glory of God. Every church has its imperfections, and ours is no exception. However, it belongs to God and to you. The church is a sacred place for which Christ gave His life and will come back for. Let us work together to fulfill the Lord's vision for it.

Thank God for faithful church members!

Servant for His Glory.
Pastor Robert




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