Making the Most of Holy Week

First Family,

What a joy it was to start Holy Week with you this past Sunday. With prayerful anticipation, I am looking forward to our worship on Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday as well. One of the ways that I am drawing closer to God this week is by reading the passion narration from each of the gospel accounts. Would you consider joining me.

Perhaps pick a time each day — alone or with family — to slow down and consider what was happening during this week some two thousand years ago. Consider reading one (or a couple) of the narratives from the Gospels. Here is a quick list of the chapters in each account.

Matthew 21–28
Mark 11–16
Luke 19–24
John 12–21

Each of these deal with the final week of our Lord’s life, his betrayal, his trials, his crucifixion, and his resurrection.

Take a little extra time this week. Find a comfortable place to sit. Seek to slow your life down and pray that God would meet you in the events and significance of this week. And spend a few moments in prayer after you read in adoration of Christ.

These events have significant meaning in our faith and what better time to contemplate than Holy Week.

Pastor Robert




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