Calling Out the Called

First Family,

The church has a responsibility to identify and equip individuals for the work of ministry. In Acts 13:2 it records, “While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” This process of “Setting Apart” is what we commonly refer to as ordination. This process allows us as a church to prayerfully discern God’s calling on an individual’s life under the requirements of scripture.

Two individuals, Jesse McCain, and David Lind are qualified and interested in being considered for ordination to the work of the Gospel ministry. Over the past year, I have personally observed and supported them in their ministries here at FBCA.

Jesse currently serves as our Director for Missions, and he leads our Missions and Evangelism Commission. Over this past year, I have walked alongside Jesse as he has facilitated ministry and provided pastoral care to our congregation. As such, I am confident that God has equipped him and is using him in the work of ministry.

David Lind joined FBCA in April 2023 and he currently leads our Ministry Action Team for our Deaf congregation. Over this past year, I have walked alongside David as he has rebuilt and sustained our ministry to the Deaf. From an early age, he desired to learn sign language and as an adult has sought to use this skill for the Kingdom of God. Since the New Year, four individuals from our Deaf ministry have joined the church and two of them will be baptized in the weeks ahead. David continues to display the fruits of the Spirit and God is using him to reach people with the Gospel.

Following our church constitution, in March I convened an Ordination Council with the following members: Bryan Jones, Jerry Frazier, Carry Froelich, Reed Bernick, and Kim Eskridge. After meeting with Jesse and David, and a season of prayer, this ordination council is making a recommendation to the church for their ordination at our upcoming Quarterly Business Meeting on April 14th. Should the church vote in the affirmative by a 2/3rds majority we will proceed with their ordination at a date TBD. In addition, assuming an affirmative vote with the support of the Personnel Committee, Jesse will then be given the title of Pastor for Missions and David will remain as a lay leader for our Deaf Ministry Action Team (MAT).

We are so blessed that the Lord has sent these two individuals to serve amongst us. They are both using their gifts and time to sacrificially serve our church in a Christ-honoring manner. Please begin praying now for these two and discerning from the Holy Spirit what God is asking of us as a church with regard to their ordination.

Servant for His Glory,
Pastor Robert




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