A Seat at His Table

Pastor Robert Stephens

What a wonderful time of worship we had this past Sunday. It is always a blessing to gather each week in worship to focus our attention and dedicate our time to the glory of God. I heard from many following our services and can testify from my experience this Sunday that God’s presence was felt among us.

We started a new Sermon Series, “A Seat at His Table.” This week we will continue this series by looking together at Luke 15, as Jesus gathers at the table with a different group of people, the sinners and tax collectors. Please join us in worship and help us connect with others we know. Each week is an opportunity to invest and invite others to participate in what God is doing here at FBCA.

I also want to express a word of appreciation for the reception you hosted for my family and me. It was so wonderful to have a space to talk briefly and continue to get to know one another. Thank you to those who organized the reception and all those who could attend. You are indeed a loving and welcoming church.

God Bless,
Pastor Robert

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Ms Faten Ramzy - February 7th, 2023 at 4:05pm

Thank you dear Pastor Robert for the sermon of last Sunday. It really was a very loud and clear message of affirmation for me. Go on doing the ministry exactly the way it has been done. I also shared that with you personally at the reception. I am not going to intemaded by poverty, sickness, cars problems and even old age. I am going to be listening and obeying God's voice and His Holy Word, specially this call was straight forward from Him 28 years ago and still fresh till today. Thanks again for your words of encouragement. Looking to seeing you and hearing you again. Welcome to your family and to you to family of FBCA.

Blessings beyond all meassures 🙏🌹❤️

Jesus's servant

Ms. Faten Ramzy




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