A Few Prayer Requests

First Family,

On Monday, the school district sent an email to inform us about the schedule for this year's back-to-school celebration. It's difficult to accept that summer is almost over, and I'm in denial that August will arrive next week. Although it has felt short, we have had a wonderfully productive summer together at First Baptist.

This week I would like to ask you to be in prayer for FBCA concerning a few important matters:

  • Please pray for our follow-up to Vacation Bible School. We have had many students express interest in following Jesus, and it is now our responsibility to connect with parents and provide support for families during this exciting time. We ask for prayers that parents will be supportive and that the children will be encouraged to make a life-changing decision to follow Jesus.
  • Pray for our church staff. We are finalizing the Fall Calendar and are getting ready to promote all the exciting ministry opportunities that await us as a church. Pray for discernment and our ability to communicate effectively.
  • Please keep our Personnel Committee in your prayers as they have been given a significant responsibility during this season of our church. They are diligently working on developing a search plan for our Student Ministry and Worship Ministry, which they will present to you soon.
  • Please keep Music Camp in your prayers. This week, we have a group of children on our campus, diligently practicing and learning songs and drama to prepare a gospel presentation for our community. We also ask that you pray for the Lord to guide them and instill the Biblical truths they are learning through song and memorization deep in their hearts. The presentation is set for Friday, July 28th, at 7 pm, and we would be delighted if you could join us.
The First Baptist Family is witnessing remarkable deeds by the grace of God, and what a joy it is to be part of this family of God.

Servant for His Glory,
Pastor Robert




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