What Work Does God Require of You?

Pastor Jesse McCain

It’s that time of year. Students are back in school. Parents back at work. Teachers are expecting assignments. Due dates and projects are planned and carried out. Dinners are planned and cooked. Laundry eventually gets folded. Everyone is busy. New rhythms and routines are started. Some are returning to a routine that worked well before. Others are adjusting because of new variables. Out of all the things that are expected of you from your home, your work, your community, and your relationships, what does God expect from you? What investment and contribution does He look for from his children?

                In John 6 we read that the crowds are following Jesus because he had fed them bread and fish. Jesus cautioned them to seek not what was perishable but what was eternal. The bread and the fish are a symbol of the provision of life found in God’s son. Eternal Life through the Son of Man was the direction Jesus was trying to lead the crowd. However, in verse 28 the crowd poses a question to Jesus, “What can we do to perform the works of God?” They don’t understand what Jesus is saying. They still see Him as mere man, performing works of God. Who wouldn’t want to multiply food? (I’ve got some Butter Chicken I wouldn’t mind trying this out with!)  Unfortunately, the people do not understand that Jesus is what they need and has been provided for them. He isn’t the sign pointing you towards what you need. He is what you need. “I am the “Bread of life.” (verse 35)

                People during Jesus’ time struggled with work and what they ought to do. I think if we are honest with ourselves, we will find that we wrestle with the same things in our own way. Jesus’ response to the crowds in verse 29 and answers their question in way which would dramatically change the way people viewed themselves in correlation with God. People would not be associated with God because of their works. No, instead people would be associated with God because of their belief. Belief as the basis of relationship with God was not a new idea. Abraham believed God and as a result experienced relationship with God. However, during the time of Jesus, this idea needed to be reintroduced as God continued his work in new ways through Jesus Christ his son. This is the work of God – that you believe in the one he has sent.” (verse 29)

                Believers may think about believing in Jesus as something done when they believe and receive relationship with God. Perhaps believing in Jesus isn’t something which is done once but daily. All our work, relationships, and time can be something which we offer up to Jesus as we continually believe in him.

                This is the part where I tell you all the things we need you to do at the church. Groups, childcare, Sunday School, Youth, Children, Tech team, Welcome Center, Deacons, and Commissions. I’m kidding. Though, we would love to have you join us in serving at our church and in our community! First things first - as you seek Jesus and come to understand his teachings/ways, believe in him daily. Seek to live out of belief in him in you work, community, home, and church. If we seek the work of God apart from relationship with his son, are we even doing the work of God? I’m comforted as I think on these things. Jesus isn’t the thing we add in addition to everything else. Instead, Jesus is way in which my life finds value and purpose in all of its facets.

Go in peace. Go believing.





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