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A little stream-of-consciousness this Tuesday morning, the last day of August--

WebMD reports on studies of those who live long lives, and the results are predictable. People who survive into their nineties watch their diet, they exercise, don't smoke, take regular naps, and choose their friends wisely. But this, too: they attend church more than once a week!  Regular worshipers have higher levels of a key immune system protein....951 (509 in person/442 online) participated in worship with FBCA this past Sunday!

...Hurricane IDA has sure wreaked havoc in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast since making landfall on Sunday. It is one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. Millions of people are still without power. In the New Testament, such a "rushing, mighty wind" is a symbol of the presence of the Holy Spirit—creating life and positive transformation. This was definitely wind of a different sort. I am praying for all of those impacted by this storm. The remnants may be blowing through our area on Wednesday.

My friend Duane Brooks, pastor of Tallowood Baptist Church in Houston has made a thoughtful suggestion: "One way I measure whether to post (online) is to add 'in Jesus' name' to the end of it. If I can't say it in Jesus' name, I know I shouldn't post it.” A Christian's conversations should always be full of grace. If we each did this, we'd probably have a lot less to read on Facebook, and we'd end up with more time to pray...

"SCOOPFEST" was a great success on Saturday. I met scores of our neighbors, and everyone had a good time. What's not to like about free ice cream on a hot August afternoon?

...My August reading included a book from the poet and contributor to The Atlantic, Clint Smith, How the Word Is Passed: A Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America (Little Brown, 2021) My son knows this author and gave me the book when he was home for a visit recently. A lot of stuff I didn't know but should have...Also the lyrical novel by my life-long friend, Angel Khoury, Between Tides (Dzanc Books, 2021). It's on my nightstand now and I read a few pages every night before drifting off.

There's nothing better this time of the year than corn on the cob! I put it in the microwave, still in the shuck, for 4 to 6 minutes.

… SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, October 24, is the day we will be officially dedicating our new sanctuary. We will have already been in it for a year by then, of course, but we were waiting for the crowds to come back before we did a special service like this. That's happening, albeit slowly, but I can't wait any longer. Make your plans now to be with us. That afternoon we will be having our “Fall Festival" so it is going to be a rich, full, and wonderful day for sure.

Summer is ending and with it perhaps your summer travels. Someone has said that all travel is circular. You go away, only to return home. But you come home a different person in some ways. "You never come all the way back."

...I'm meeting new people every Sunday at First Baptist, and many of them are expressing an interest in joining with us. Bring a guest with you this week and introduce us. People are looking for what we have at our church, so share it...

I hope you have a great week!




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