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Back in the day I wrote a regular column with this title for my high school newspaper. Occasionally I enjoy resurrecting it for some random thoughts that occur to me--

"June is bustin' out all over," and I am so glad! After the coldest Memorial Day weekend temperatures in over 100 years, it's time for some summer weather! Saturday night I actually cut the heat back on at our house....A new podcast I recommend: The Bible For Today-- sermons from the late evangelical scholar and pastor, John R.W. Stott. I had the opportunity to meet him several years ago at All Souls Church in London. Billy Graham once called Stott "the most respected pastor in the world.”

... 2021: The Year for Weddings. There will be a 25% spike in weddings this year, as postponed ceremonies from last year are now combined with the number in a typical year. During the pandemic, almost half of all the planned weddings had to be cancelled, delayed, or greatly scaled back-- now it is catch-up time!... And if you are planning to attend one, the average cost of going to someone's wedding in 2019 was $430. Much more, of course, if you fly.

"You look great in a mask, pastor," someone told me. Well, maybe so, but it is good to now be able to take the masks off in social settings and church. I am having to get familiar with faces and names again as people I haven't seen in many months are slowly returning to the worship services and Sunday Bible study. A sight for sore eyes! And there are new faces in the crowd, too. Just this past Sunday we welcomed 6 new members to our church!...With reservations no longer needed, you can invite friends and family to attend even at the last minute.

... Watching the annual Memorial Day Concert on PBS Sunday night, I was pleased to see the dramatic monologue from the beautiful young actress, Bailee Madison. Audrey and I had the opportunity to spend a day with her out in California a few years ago when she was already a star at age 16. We were impressed then by her commitment to Christ and I often pray for her—that she will continue to honor Him with her life as her fame grows. It's not so easy staying true to your convictions in Hollywood.

Psizzlin' Summer In The Psalms is my sermon series for the next three months. Every week we will look at a different one. Download the booklet on our FBCA App we have put together to help you get the most from this study, or pick up a printed copy at church. My message this Sunday, prepared primarily for the high school graduates we'll be honoring, is from Psalm 121, Someone To Watch Over Me... The singer B.J. Thomas has died at age 78. Best known for Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head and Hooked On A Feeling, he became a Christian in 1976 and began to sing for Jesus. With the news of his death, I found and played again his song about heaven Home Where I Belong. The lyrics are so beautiful and, now for him...absolutely true!

... We are all saddened with the announcement over the weekend that our youth pastor, Mikel Dasch, is leaving us for a new ministry assignment in Ohio. He has served faithfully and well with us for over 9 years, a rare length of tenure for that particular role on a church staff.

We wish that we could keep him, but he is convinced that this is the next step of Christian obedience for him—and who are we to argue? Join me in praying for Mikel as he leaves us at the end of the month, that his ministry there will be as fruitful and blessed as the one he has had here at FBCA. And pray for all of our students, and the younger children coming up right behind them, who eagerly wait to see what God has next in store for them.

Join me tomorrow night (Wednesday) on Facebook Live for Bible study at 6:15PM. It's thirty minutes I think you will enjoy it!




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