ramblin' thru christmas ...with don davidson

Lots of things are different about the season this year. Some of the usual calendar signposts are missing. I have to remind myself that the days are indeed growing short until Christmas arrives. Here’s a little stream-of-consciousness on the subject—

We are doing much less decorating than usual this time. I've finally convinced Audrey that "less is more." We put our tree in a new place and hung the ornaments on November 27. Mostly just ones from our White House and Mount Vernon collections, and a few sentimental favorites from friends and family...Taking it all down the first week of January should be a breeze!

... Hallmark movies don't do much for me, but I still watch them most nights with Audrey while she is putting jigsaw puzzles together. I annoy her by announcing all of the plot twists before they happen. But often, at the end, when the couple inevitably kisses-- we do, too.

We did enjoy the timeless classic, White Christmas, this past Saturday, though....

Special church services are few this year, and parties aren't happening at all, but I am still preaching Advent sermons on hope, peace, love, and joy...I'm listening along with you, and "talking my way into it", I guess...

We will give our Lottie Moon Offering for International Missions this week--that's always been a big part of Christmas for our family. Yes, I miss the annual "parade of flags" with our children and the March for Missions with everybody, but the appeal goes on nonetheless. If we do not pray and send, go and give, then multitudes living in spiritual darkness may never hear the good news of Jesus. It will take all of us giving sacrificially to reach the big goal ($210,000) that we have set....

Sunday's video interview of Paul Chitwood, IMB president, by two of our children was great!

Reservations for Keyboards and Carols on December 20--check! And reservations for Christmas Eve services on the 24th--check!

...John Mark and Daniela are coming home on December 21. It will be so good to see them again!... The 4 of us will be touring the White House and seeing the decorations there later that week. Daniela has never been...

Then, on Christmas Day we will have breakfast with some of Audrey's family in Keysville. At mid-day we will make our annual trek to Lottie Moon's grave in Crewe, Virginia, to pay our respects and renew our own commitment to missions-- something we have done every year since 1988....

Ah, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas after all. I just needed to slow down long enough to think and get the whole picture. Immanuel means God is with us, and that does not change, even during a pandemic!

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