ramblin'...with don davidson

My mind is racing this morning, mostly filled with overwhelming gratitude. Here's the thread of it---

"It is the LORD's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes" (Psalm 118:23). Sunday was simply wonderful as we gathered for the first time in our newly renovated and practically new sanctuary. It is a beautiful facility that will enhance our worship for many years to come....Over 550 people were there in person, and at least 700 others were there virtually. Topping it all off—4 children made their professions of faith in Jesus!

... A reminder from Sunday's sermon: This verse from Zephaniah 3:17--"God will take great delight in you...He will rejoice over you with singing.The very thought of that makes me smile in my heart.

Yesterday was my birthday, and so many folks took the time to send me greetings and good wishes for the occasion. I appreciated each one, too. A young friend from England FaceTimed with the best rendition of the Happy Birthday song I have ever heard!... BTW, that song was written in 1893 and The Guinness Book says it is the most recognized song in the English language.

...Some friends surprised me last night with a small dinner party at a favorite restaurant--"socially distanced," of course. Balloons, a few gifts and --a cake with candles. I did not blow them out (the worst thing you can do in a pandemic!), but did pick them out, one by one, and wishfully blow.

According to the BBC, reading out loud helps us retain what we have read. Much better than when we go over the page silently. It's not clear that the ancients even realized that you could read any other way. Check out Nehemiah 8....I like it when Roger has us begin a worship service, as we did Sunday, reading scripture aloud, in unison and with exuberance.

...Current light reading on my nightstand: the new collection of poetry by Billy Collins, Whale Day (Random House, 2020), and Jerry Seinfeld's memoir/comedy anthology, Is This Anything? (Simon & Schuster, 2020). A page or two of each one, which Audrey prefers I read silently, and I am done for the night.

Twice this past week, younger pastors have called me asking for advice concerning things they are facing in their ministries. Yes, it has come to that. And continually adding birthdays like I'm doing will probably cause those calls to increase. Years in the trenches, and my gray hair, must suggest that I have seen a thing or two that could be helpful to them. I am glad to try.

...I used to do it a lot, and to this day I still will call a pastor older than me, with questions of my own... And, more often than you might think, I will turn to a younger pastor to help me understand our rapidly changing world and fresh approaches to my own ministry.

We've all got something of value from our journey that we can share.

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