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Bill Gates would take a seven-day retreat, twice a year, to pull away from the normal routine. He called it "Think Week," because he would read and plan and consider new ideas. Here's some stream-of-consciousness thinking going through my brain today—

SURPRISE: Spiritual interest is actually rising in America during Covid-19. So says Greg Sterling, Dean of Yale Divinity School, "This pandemic is making everyone acutely aware of the fragility of life.”

A survey from Pew Research says that 25% of people who responded have seen their faith deepen and strengthen over these recent months, while only 2% say that their’s has weakened. You just never know-- the neighbor you have gotten acquainted with may be looking for someone to speak to that need in her life.

...My favorite TV channel right now is Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Watching old movies from the 1930's, '40's and '50's is so relaxing. Just recently I saw Mr. Smith Goes To Washington for the very first time. Over the weekend, a couple of Charlie Chaplin films (City Lights and The Great Dictator).

A GOOD EXERCISE IN THIS POLITICAL SEASON: Try attaching to every political stand you take a specific word from Jesus on that subject. You may have to look hard through your New Testament to find one -- but, hey: when did a little Bible study hurt you? Stay calm, humble, and teachable and it may make for some meaningful, Christian conversations. A step toward understanding and appreciating your brother or sister believer, certainly....

POSTPONED: A friend just wrote to tell me that he and his fiancé have decided to push their wedding off to late next Spring, in hopes that more family and friends will feel comfortable attending. This is what a lot of couples are doing, it seems. What I normally recommend is that they have the big ceremony and party next year-- but go ahead and have a small, legal ceremony now. When it's love and right-- why wait?

... THE TOUGHEST JOB IN AMERICA? Right now, it's to be a district school superintendent. Any way he goes, half of the community is against him. She has to satisfy her constituency but most of all do what is best for the children. The sad truth is that whether a system goes virtual or hybrid, it probably won't be as good for learning as consistent instruction from a great teacher and interaction with fellow students.

I'm praying for administrators, teachers, parents, and the children as school gets ready to start up again, one way or the other.

SO TRUE: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge," Hosea 4:6.

It was great to be in church last Sunday as we began the slow process of re-gathering for worship. Of course, most of our folks are not comfortable doing so just yet. And that is perfectly understandable. But as soon as they are ready, and feel safe, they will be back, too.

... I love a screened-in porch and an afternoon thunderstorm. The breeze. The smell of the rain. The rumble in the heavens. All the while staying perfectly dry.

SOMETHING ELSE ABOUT SUMMER: Corn on the cob. And I just learned a new way to fix it. You already knew this, I'm sure, but the best way is to put it the micro-wave-- still in the husk. Four minutes per ear. Then the silky threads just fall away. But use a glove to pick it up at first....

I'm enjoying Wednesday night Bible study on Facebook Live-- each week from 6:15 PM to 6:45 PM or so. Join me tomorrow night if you can.

I keep a notebook nearby at all times, to catch these random thoughts and little factoids I hear or read. I'm trying to be, in the words of writer Henry James, "one of those on whom nothing is lost."

Thanks for letting me share.




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