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My thoughts are racing with this morning's coffee. I've been scribbling them down to share as they come, in a kind of stream-of-consciousness...

A book that has really helped me better understand the racial justice issue is Stony The Road: Reconstruction, White Supremacy, And The Rise of Jim Crow, by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. I also recently saw the movie, Just Mercy, a true story illustrating how America's judicial system is often not fair to minority populations. It's currently on Netflix....

Sunday mornings sure are strange for me now. I don't quite know what to do with myself. I still get up early and worship online with a church over in England. Then I fix breakfast for the two of us and get ready to attend one of our Bible Fellowship classes by Zoom. After that we watch FBCA's worship service together, along with Audrey's Dad. He doesn't have the internet, so she holds a phone up to our computer and he listens. Sometimes I think I'm hearing snoring from his end but -- that's OK-- it just reminds me of church back when we were all together! I am blessed by the service, and it is fresh to me, as the only part I have already seen is my pre-recorded sermon.

...The new sanctuary is coming along nicely and is still pretty much on schedule for an opening late in August. At least I hope so. You can already see how beautiful it looks from the outside. Occasionally I am taken inside and I marvel at the size of it. The good news is that, as we slowly come back together at first, in growing confidence, there will be plenty of room for "social distancing"....Please don't forget that your faithful giving to Preparing The Way is absolutely essential right now during this construction phase...

The parade honoring our high school graduates was a big success on Sunday night! The graduates and their families certainly appreciated the effort, and the response by so many of our folks was gratifying. Several people told me: "We need to do this every year-- even when things are back to normal!" It was a perfect night, and it sure was good to see everybody, wasn't it? I think I got to every car as they drove through. A special thanks to Mikel Dasch and Shonica David for planning this for us.

...I've been preaching while seated on a stool for the last three months, and I think I really prefer it. Jesus preached and taught while seated (Matthew 13:1-2), the custom of His day, while His listeners stood. Over the years I guess we got that one reversed.

... I'm enjoying the Wednesday night Bible Study on Facebook Live-- it's my favorite thing that I do now. It's in real time and there are no edits. If I make a mistake or lose my train of thought for a moment, it's all there to see. It looks like a few hundred are watching-- and that's a few hundred more that used to attend when we were in the building! We are finished with Mark and have just started a study of some of Jesus' parables. Join us tomorrow night at 6:15 PM and see if something in it is a blessing to you....

Just about everybody is on Facebook now. I heard a guy say recently that he would have been nicer to some people over the years if he'd known that they would all be coming back together one day!...

Let's be nice to each other during these difficult and trying times (Ephesians 4:32).

This shepherd loves his sheep and often, when my mind is wandering like this, I find that I am praying for you. BLESSINGS!

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