You'll Never Walk Alone

When you walk through a storm, it is encouraging to know that you are not by yourself. Others are with you, by your side, ready to accompany you on the journey for as long as it takes. We all need help sometimes, and it is during the darkest of these moments that we come to understand that total self-reliance is just a myth.

I love the account of Moses standing atop a hill, watching his people fight the Amalekites. He had his staff in his hand, a symbol of God's power. As the battle raged down below, he held that staff high. And as long as his arms were raised, Israel prevailed in the fight. When he grew weary with exhaustion, and lowered them, however, the Amalekites started to win. Finally, Moses' aides, Aaron and Hur, took his tired, old arms in theirs and held them high and steady--until sunset and the victory came (Exodus 17:8-13).

We have all witnessed an amazing outpouring of love and prayer support for the Graveson family. In fact, Matthew and Timothy may have been the most prayed-for young brothers in the world these last few days. I know that our church members have been lifting their petitions before God's throne of mercy--as have former members who are now scattered elsewhere. Most of these people know this family, as Sherry has been our organist for twenty-five years. But some do not. Still, everyone has been gripped by the pathos and tragedy of a single family in a life-or-death struggle with the deadly COVID-19 virus. Statistics on the nightly news for months--now with names and human faces that we recognize.

But others, too, have been helping with this prayer. My friends, from every church I have pastored--and yours, locally and from all the places you have ever lived--have come alongside to hold up the Graveson's weary arms. These are people who do not know Matthew or Timothy at all, but who have hearts filled to overflowing with compassion.

I've even had pastor friends from across Northern Virginia and other states, too, call or write to check on me, and to assure me that their churches were praying, too. Yesterday I was invited to a prayer meeting being held in England, with the pastor and some of the leaders of that Anglican congregation, solely to pray for this family! With Zoom we were able to meet and have fellowship together. Their hearts seeming to break along with mine. Though separated by an ocean and thousands of miles, our churches had found a common cause: the request for a miracle. A couple of them.

When words fail us, as they often do, and our hopes dim--it's good to remember that the Holy Spirit comes alongside and picks up the praying until we can get back into the fight (Romans 8:26-27). I imagine rowing out in a stormy sea and that Spirit taking up the oars while I have to stop and rest. And His prayers are better than mine anyway, because He knows God's perfect will.

It's true: we never walk alone.

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Patty Culin - May 13th, 2020 at 8:50am

Thanks so much for your May 12th message of encouragement. It is wonderful to know that prayers for the Graveson's are so plentiful. Praise God for this technology!

Patty Culin





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