ramblin’...with don davidson

Just some of the thoughts coursing through my brain this morning—

It’s Super Tuesday, and for many it is a chance for us to respond to the hype and hundreds of millions of dollars of campaign advertising (and that’s just from Michael Bloomberg!). To let our voices be heard. I love to vote!
...A mother told me that her little girl asked her on Sunday: “Does Pastor Don know everything?” We had a good laugh over the innocent reasoning of a child. “Just curious,” I asked just as she started to walk away. “What did you tell her?” “I told her that Pastor Don doesn’t know everything — but almost everything.”
In the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to interact with old friends from each of the five churches I have served across my 46 years of pastoral ministry. Sweet memories rehearsed and enjoyed again, with plenty of gratitude expressed— in both directions.
... One young man, who grew up in Danville and who is now a university professor in the UK, sent me a copy of a book he has just written. I am listed in the Acknowledgments page as having had a significant impact on his life. What a humbling honor!
...Audrey leaves tonight for a mission trip to Austria. She and her team of seven women from FBCA will be ministering to Muslim refugees living in the cities of Linz and Salzburg. They will be hosting events for World Women’s Day and using that as an opportunity to share Christ. Join me in prayers for their success, safety—and their health.
We Facetimed with Karlo on Sunday night. He’s a friend who attended our church several years back. We wanted to encourage him and his mother as she deals with cancer. “Where are you?” we asked. “In El Salvador,” he responded— after translating my prayer for her into Spanish so that she could understand.
I learned a new word yesterday that I think describes me: Tsundoku. It’s a Japanese word for the practice of buying more and more books, watching them pile up— even though you can’t (or won’t) read them all. I am completely out of shelf space now but can’t stay away from Barnes and Noble.
Easter is the biggest Sunday of the year at FBCA. Last year over 2100 were present for our three services. We need scores of volunteers to help insure that everyone has a meaningful and memorable worship experience. Stay for our Easter Volunteer Rally after church on March 15 to see how you can help.
...Think about it: no matter who is elected President in November, it looks like we’ll be having a guy in his mid-to-upper 70’s leading the country! To adapt a line from JFK’s inaugural:
“The torch has been passed back to an older generation of Americans.”




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