Every Game Is Game Seven

The Washington Nationals are back together in West Palm Beach, FL for their spring training. I've been watching my favorite sportscaster, Lindsay Czarniak, on NBC-4 this week with her live reports from the field. The big question on everyone's mind, of course, is: "Can they do it again?”

Manager Dave Martinez has issued a mantra for the team about that: "Not repeat—compete.” In other words, they are not looking back they are looking forward to the challenges ahead. To start all over again and win it as if they never had before. I like that. Every season is a whole new story and the World Series is up for grabs every year.

This reminds me of what I've been encouraging our staff and church leaders to say about the big renovation that is rapidly coming to a conclusion. “Do not say, 'When we go back...’ We are going forward." It is virtually a new building after all--and we are moving into the future, not returning to the past.
And that can be more than a little scary. Change always is.

So much about the new building will look and feel familiar to us. But we have already changed some over these years in the Faith Activities Center. There are young children and adult new members who have no memories of the old sanctuary. I believe we are going to have a combination of the best from each space. The "feel" is going to be more intimate and less uptight, too. More welcoming and less intimidating, perhaps. Still-- there's the dignity of our worship in a warm and beautiful, highly functional, and new, place.

Circle late June on your calendar, by the way. Save the date for the best chance on entering and dedicating the sanctuary to the glory of God.

There will be lots of other changes ahead for us, too. We will be taking a fresh look at our community and how we can structure ourselves better to impact Alexandria, our larger region-- and the whole world. A fresh vision for a new day. The gospel will never change, nor will our absolute commitment to the Bible, evangelism, discipleship, and missions. But we will seek new ways to make a maximum impact for Christ.

I am excited. And absolutely committed to the bright future our church has.

My conviction is the same as what C.S Lewis once said-- “The one prayer that God will never answer is the prayer for an encore. He will give us good, new days.”

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