With Heart and Soul and Voice

Christmas at First Baptist is such a rich experience! Especially because of the music.

Every Sunday of Advent (and, really, all year) we have a feast of it--with all ages participating and bringing their preparation as a gift to God and to us. We are a multi-generational church, with choirs for all ages, and everyone has an opportunity to join in the celebration of Jesus' birth.
"A First Family Christmas" was this past Sunday night, and what a fabulous and exciting evening it was! Three hundred children, teenagers and adults were a part of the program, and hundreds more of us joined in on the carols from the congregation. All of us together had a great time of it!

I left the service encouraged and more confident than ever about the future of our church.
A big "thank you" to Roger McGee and his entire music staff for planning all of this for us! I know that they each love what they do--that is obvious--but stretching toward excellence the way they do every time is unusual, and so appreciated by us all. Now, after this concert, I think we are finally and truly in the spirit of Christmas--and ready for "over the meadow and through the woods" to Grandmother's house or whatever else we've got planned for the holiday.

There's one more Sunday to go in Advent-- this Sunday-- and I know it will be glorious, too. Then...Christmas Eve services at either 5 or 6:30 PM. We'll light the tall, center, white candle and have Communion together. We'll light individual candles at the end, singing "Silent Night, Holy Night."

Invite friends, family, co-workers--everyone- to come and experience it with us. The mystery, the magic, and the holiness of it all.

Seeing your faces, and theirs, as you come to the table for the bread and cup, and then in the glow of those small candles, will be what makes my Christmas complete.
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