We desire to keep every youth safe during every FBCA Youth Ministry event and trip. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for a youth to grow and thrive. Our forms are required for the majority of special events. Please be sure to keep up with your medical form updates as necessary.

1- FBCA Youth Liability Form: This is a notarized form that is  required and kept on file for the entire tenure of a youth's time in the our Youth Ministry.
2- FBCA Youth Medical Information Form: This form is also required to be on file and should be updated as needed. We are aware that insurance changes, medications, allergies and procedures happen - this form will help inform us of important information, in the case of an emergency.
3- Refreshing Mountain Release Form: This form is required for all Youth Camp participants.  A new form must be submitted every year prior to departure for Youth Camp.
Please contact the FBCA Youth Ministry team if you have any questions.