MyFBCA - Our Church Involvement Software

Sep 12, 2021
We're excited to launch a new tool that will help us simplify your involvement and communication at FBCA!
This tool will encourage interaction and provide a space to organize all of your FBCA activities in one place.
*This is NOT an app, but you can save the website link on your phone's home screen as a favorite, or you can easily access it via the FBCA App in the main menu.
** Note: Those in leadership positions (teachers, Deacons, committees, etc.) may have already logged on to MyFBCA. If so, you won't receive an additional activation email. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at the bottom of the login section.

You're going to love having the ability to do things like:
- Update your profile (address, email, phone number, etc.)
- Contact fellow church members
- See your activities (registrations, giving, volunteering schedule, etc.)
- Interact with your groups (studies, classes, choirs, etc.)
- Access the church calendar, your personal calendar, and more!

Click the buttons above to access helpful step-by-step articles and demo videos for extra help updating up your profile and privacy settings and learning more about how to use MyFBCA. The written step-by-step linked articles are the most accurate. The videos are somewhat out of date, so keep that in mind as you view them.

Once you log in, we encourage you to watch the 3 min. overview video on the Welcome page. The video will give you a better understanding of what the system is for and what it does. Easy access to the MyFBCA log in can be found in the main menu of our website:

We are so excited about using this program to help FBCA stay connected, informed, and organized.