Missions Update – Rodeo Grande, Nicaragua

By Pastor Jesse McCain

Hey FBCA Family,

Last week I was able to touch base with our Food for the Hungry (FH) representative, Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo lives in Bolivia but works with FH in several Central and South American countries. He has been working with FH for 15 years and he has been affected by the pandemic not unlike the rest of the world. Where two of his adult children had been moved out of home with jobs and school, now all four of Juan Pablo’s children are back home with him and his wife. We laughed as he described the dismay of his children at the slower internet speeds with more people using it. He and his son are once again outnumbered by women in the household. I told him I could relate with 5 sisters, especially with 4 younger sisters.

Juan Pablo and his teams of FH staff are having to work harder than ever to continue growing and developing FH communities. International travel has been a difficult topic as they continue to navigate the pandemic. Thankfully, they are working towards finalizing plans for partners to travel and visit their communities. I’m excited to visit and get to know the Rodeo Grande community which we now only know through letters and correspondence. Juan Pablo is excited for teams to be able to visit as well. Churches’ support and encouragement are very much appreciated by FH staff. Visits can refresh and renew staff as they serve within the communities. Once FBCA can send a group, we’ll be considering future dates to go and begin building relationships.

Juan Pablo also shared some of the different aspects about the Rodeo Grande Community. One item of difficulty has been the hurricanes from the past 2 years. Rodeo Grande has an agricultural presence within its community which is recovering. In addition, FH staff is continuing to build relationships with local churches and is seeking their involvement within the community. As FH initiates relationships with communities, their initial effort is often to develop hope among the community. Hope that circumstances could be made better, that people working together can help each other, and that God desires something better for people than their poverty and distress.

Juan Pablo challenged me with one of his statements. He said, “Jesus helps us all with our poverty.” Juan Pablo’s perspective on poverty is much bigger than my own view has been in the past. I would have associated the word poverty with people who are low income or worse. Juan Pablo’s perspective on poverty assumes that all humanity finds itself lacking what it needs. So, I am faced with the question of, “Where is my own poverty?” What do I need that Jesus provides? From Juan Pablo’s perspective, poverty is something everyone experiences to one degree or another. I’ll be praying about this over the next few weeks.

Will you pray for Rodeo Grande with me? Pray for God to work through FH agricultural staff to bring recovery from the hurricanes. Pray for God to inspire local believers to help develop and grow their community. Pray for God to stir up hope within people who have come to expect less. Also, would you pray for Alexandria with me? Pray for God to help provide good jobs for those who need them. Pray for God to help local believers to understand the need to develop and grow our community. Pray for God to stir up hope within people who have come to expect less.  

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Mark Kern - April 23rd, 2022 at 2:55pm

Praying with you Pastor Jesse. Stay faithful to this ministry. Mark.





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